Hello WordPress!

15 Dec

I don’t know why I never thought of having wordpress as my blog host ever before but dang I was so wrong about that decision. WordPress is really the coolest blog host for me(as of now). So anyway, I was blogging on my blogger blog then when I saw the privacy of my blog, I had to private the whole blog itself, not just the post. I feel hassled on tweaking my settings on my blogspot that I had to check out other more user friendly blog hosts. Thanks to Vina I witnessed the awesomeness of WordPress! Now I’m shifting, slowly saying goodbye to my lovely old blogspot, but I am still going to keep it, for the documentation of my thoughts’ sake.

Though I am still trying to get use to the new interface and dashboard of WordPress, but I’m sure I’ll get around easily. Blogging, after all, is on my list of TOPS.

To my future readers and myself as well, I hope we’ll all enjoy the content of my dearest new blog Laine’s Lane; made by me, for you and for me.:*


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